The privacy of the users and partners of the Associació per a la Promoció del Transport Públic (PTP) is paramount for us and we take it very seriously. In this document, we explain how we treat our clients’ data and how they can request the modification, and if necessary, make a complaint to the relevant authorities.

We only collect the information necessary to comply with the legislation and be able to offer a full experience to our customers. This information is not transferred to third companies for commercial purposes, as we will explain below.



The person responsible for data processing is:

Associació per a la Promoció del Transporte Públic

c / Indústria 220, Ent.

08026 Barcelona (Spain)

[email protected]



The data provided by PTP users will be treated only for the purpose described below, listing the different data acquisition platforms available to us:

  • User registration: The user data obtained in the user registry, provided, and updated by them in the administration panel are treated in order to manage the account, send communications to customers regarding updates or modifications. It is the responsibility of the users to keep these data updated and legitimate.
  • The PTP uses the data provided by users to send communications and information relating to the products of the store, topics of interest to the user previously marked by the same in registering the mail or internal and external acts that may be of interest. We have a position contrary to “spam” or “spam”, so we only send information that we believe can be strictly interesting by customers.
  • Registration form: The data obtained from the registration forms for the events organized or co-organized by the PTP are processed in order to send confirmation information on attendance, program, results or topics of related interest. These data obtained are provided by the users themselves and through their consent.
  • Communications by WhatsApp: The data obtained from users through WhatsApp are treated with the purpose of offering an efficient and fast response way of contact. These data are provided by users and kept for the duration of the conversation or subscription to the PTP communications channel.
  • Subscription by mail: Clients can leave their email address in order to receive a newsletter with information on the different acts related to mobility in different parts of the territory, PTP acts or related external events. The subscription to this is always with the explicit consent of the user and the preservation of the data will be effective as long as the user does not revoke the subscription or unsubscribe.



The data of the users of the PTP are not and will not be transferred to third parties, except that there is a legal imperative.



Users can withdraw their consent at any time, when the latter has allowed the processing of their data by the PTP. In no case, withdrawal of consent will condition status and relationship with the PTP,

The users of the PTP have the rights:

  • To request access to personal data concerning the interested party.
  • To request the rectification of the data.
  • To request the deletion of personal data.
  • To request the limitation of the treatment of the data.
  • To oppose the treatment.
  • To the portability of the data.
  • And other rights that protect users and citizens according to current Spanish legislation.

To exercise these rights materially, the user can contact the person responsible for processing the data, by either postal address, email or telephone.


In case of problems or negligence in relation to the processing of data, you can file a claim with the “Autoridad de Protección de Datos” (