Date: June 2011
Organisation Associació per a la Promoció del Transport Públic



Positive points for public transport in your country:

1. Zaragoza opened its fist tram line from the South of the city until the border of the old-centre city. Whilst in the north side of the city it is foreseen that the a new section will be soon opened, remains for the future the issue of crossing the centre city. As it is known the topic of trams in Spanish center cities is a difficult issue to be managed. It seems that the results of the local elections in the Aragon’s capital are favourable to solve this problem.

2. A new rail access for suburban trains of Renfe (Iberian gauge) to the Madrid’s Airport has been opened. This airport has an access by metro.

3. The Catalan government has announced a new suburban rail scheme in Barcelona (operated by Renfe) in which for first time there will be a line not entering in Barcelona (R8) although with a low frequency of 60′. See the scheme in Cataloninan Government press note.
Negative points for public transport in your country:

1. On the contrary on what has happened in the case of the Madrid’s airport, in the case of Barcelona’s airport the Renfe rail access by suburban trains to the and main terminal T-1 has been delayed. Due to the financial crisis the Ministry of Public Works is studying to give this line to the private initiative (airport management). It would mean that the airport fees would be higher in order to pay the investment.

2. The new conservative public works Catalan Minister has announced that the works of the central section of the new transversal metro lines L9 will be postponed due to the financial crisis. So, it means that the metro line L9 will have from 2012 two sections not linked. The first one from the airport to Torrassa (in l’Hospitalet) and the second one from Badalona and Santa Coloma de Gramenet to Sagrera (Barcelona), precisely the two sections with a lower demand. Despite the financial crisis, the amount of investments in Catalan roads will still be enormous. This trend confirm the traditional behaviour in Catalan investments: metro for Barcelona (but now with the withdrawn works) and roads and highways for the rest of the country.

3. PTP has claimed against the delay in the investments of the Barcelona’s suburban rail plan that was approved after the suburban trains failure when the opening of the HST Madrid-Barcelona. According with the provided information only the 3% of the foreseen investments has been accomplished.