Since 2010, Mr Xavier Trias, Mayor of Barcelona, and other local politicians have obstructed the widely agreed project to join our two separate tram networks: Trambaix and Trambesòs. This project would improve public transport in Diagonal Avenue, one of the city’s main axes, now served by packed buses running at only 10 km/h in peak hours (on bus lane). While this nonsense persists in Barcelona, up to 59 tramway networks have been created or enlarged across Europe (EU28+CH+NW).

Veure Xarxes de tramvia a la Unió Europea en un mapa més gran

Trade unions, associations representing pedestrians, cyclists, public transport users and neighbours and road safety organisations have come together in “Diagonal for All”. Our shared goal is to achieve a safer and more sustainable Diagonal Av. linking our tram networks, as well as featuring wider sidewalks and a segregated bike lane. For further information, please visit